Gastronomy make sense in the brewery Bajo de Guía.

Our wide variety of fresh seafood, of top-quality, will delight the visitors and the “Granadinos” that come to enjoy of our brewery.

Among our specialities you will find scrambled eggs of “Ortiguitas” with prawns, dryed octopus, fresh tuna with cinnamon and lemon or the delicious Motril’s shrimps. As well, an excellent Manzanilla specialities of Sanlúcar.

We want to offer the best of the South,fusing “the traditional taste” with new culinary sensations, achievinga unique dish in a privileged enclave.Our facilities and staff are prepared to make you travel to the land where food becomes tradition.The land where the gastronomy magic is created.

We are ready and prepared, and you? Do you want to know the authentic South?

Welcome to Bajo de Guía.

Our specialties